Minstrel Café Strings

A unique quintet with a story for every presentation.
This quintet regularly entertains audiences at the Minstrel Café in Kelowna, B.C. with fine playing for fine dining. Anecdotes and stories embellish their musical presentation. Featured performers at the Hümüh Monastery in Westbridge, B.C.
Also available for weddings, conventions, and private parties.

Minstrel Strings Theme Presentations:

  • Viennese Night
  • Latin Night
  • American Classics
  • Holiday For Strings (Postcards in Music)
  • Fireside Christmas Fantasy
  • Mellow Moods of Mozart
  • Music Like-A Big-A Pizza Pie
  • New Year, New Music
  • Playing Doubles (Duet Night)
  • Caravan of Mystery (Gypsy Show)
  • Sweet Violin (Violin Bonbons)
  • O'Fiddle (Irish fiddling St. Pat's night)

"Their music was mesmerizing!"